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Image by Micael Widell



3D scan or Panoramic

Single implant

Metal Ceramic crown on implant


Zirconium crown on implant

Implant bridge (2 implants and 3 teeth)


Full arch Implants and fixed bridge


Overdenture (Snap-on) on 2-6 implants


Single Immediate implant placement + Full ceramic crown

Surgical extractions of teeth

Surgical extraction wisdom teeth

Sinus lift - lateral approach

Bone augmentation procedures

Soft tissue augmentation procedures










10´000€ (flat rate price, all included) / per arch

2500-5000€ / per arch


1600€ (flat rate price, all included)


from 100€


from 350€


from 800€/side

By consultation

By Consultation

- Final quote is given after clinical and radiographic examination. Once quote is given and accepted, price does not vary, unless patient or surgeon together with patient chooses a different material or solution for the final teeth. 

- Payment terms are usually 60% after completion of implants and 40% once final teeth fitted

- We accept, Visa, Debit/Credit, transfer or cash

- Treatments over 3000€ includes free airport transfer and surgical day pickup and delivery. 

- No financial longterm payment plan is offered 

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